Oh Goody Another Lockdown: Get Your Books In Quickly

As you’ve probably noticed if you’re in the UK, we’re going into another lockdown because of the Government’s incompetence.

I’m sure you’re excited for the prospect of being stuck in the house again, so while you’ve got a couple of days left of non-essential shopping, you should buy yourself some treats to keep yourself entertained.

While some people enjoyed puzzles or cooking delicious treats, most people reading this blog post love reading books. There’s a book for everyone, so you can find something fun to keep yourself occupied throughout the next month.

Online shopping will still be allowed, but you should probably get your books in while you can. Being able to buy your books from independent bookstores means that you can use your few remaining days to support small, local companies and booksellers before they go through another period of turmoil.

So, when you’re stocking up on treats and books before the lockdown starts, try taking a trip to your favourite local bookstore. Once the lockdown begins in earnest, you should try your best to buy from small local stores that offer home delivery. If they don’t, then try to buy through their Amazon store, but remember that big companies like them take a lot of cash from small businesses, so if you can buy direct, then do so.

If you’re not able to buy from an independent bookstore, then consider contacting the author directly to find out the best way to buy their books. Many smaller authors, and even some bigger ones, are happy to respond to readers and let them know the best place to buy their work. Sometimes, they have their own online store on their website, or their own Amazon account, so that you can get your money directly to your favourite writer.

Another great way to support your favourite writers during the lockdown is to post a quick review online. Consider setting up a Goodreads or leaving a review on Amazon to give them a little extra publicity. These are hard time we’re living in, and writers are the best. Without good books and poems to read, no one would get through this hard time with their mental wellbeing intact.

Supporting the writers you love means that you can enjoy their work for many years to come. If you can’t get access to the newest releases from local bookstores, then grab some from another online seller. Amazon is just one option; other stores such as We Buy Books and World Of Books give you the chance to buy books from someone who isn’t a legit trillionaire.

You could even consider getting an e-reader, or downloading an app on your phone, although reading books on a screen isn’t always the best option. If you don’t like reading books off a phone or tablet, then you might consider re-reading some of your old favourites. Re-reading books you’ve checked out before can allow you to remember the happy times.

As a final thing, I just want to let you know that I hope you get through the lockdown OK. It’s not easy, but with a few good books and the help of your favourite book blogger (me), you’ll be all right in the end.

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