By day I’m a corporate copywriter, by night I am a forager for books and poems. A book detective- from Dorset!

A mad, Henning Mankell loving girl whose heart lives in Bridport, Dorset, and whose corpus lives in the Midlands, I adore blogging and work with loads of writers and readers to create unique content. With an MA in English Lit I have a sharp mind and a thirst for knowledge, and am always seeking to educate myself through reading.

Raised on Agatha Christie, G.K. Chesterton and Colin Dexter, as well as Harry Potter, I gradually moved onto thrillers and Scandinavian Crime Fiction, branching out across various styles and authors.

Today I am a massive fan of traditional crime fiction, as well as the latest and greatest gritty thrillers. I blog about the books I like, and the ones I don’t. There’s everything from interviews and reviews through to more mad posts, like my top fives and my ranty posts on the issues facing the current literature market.