Why Autumn Is An Awesome Season For Reading Crime Fiction

autumn reading

Sometimes I feel like a DFS advert: in the same way they have a summer, winter, autumn and spring sale, so too do I seem to advocate for almost every season as a great time to enjoy a good book.

The reason being that reading is a year round activity, but there are still differences in each season. However, there are differences between the reasons for reading throughout the year: as the nights draw in during the autumn, now is the time people are not sunning themselves in the garden or trekking off to the beach, but instead tucking up and keeping warm with a nice book.

Which brings me to autumn. Now’s the time to be getting comfy, and what better genre of literature to read than crime fiction? There’s a warming feeling that comes with any narrative with mild thrills, leaving the reader feeling exhilarated and entertained.

Crime fiction is also a great style of literature to lose yourself in, and you can let your imagination run away with you when you’re cold and grumpy and it’s been dark since about 4.30pm. Comfort food is the watchword for autumn fans, but comfort reading is also a great idea; after all, you can’t eat continuously for the whole season (you could try, but I wouldn’t recommend it).

There’s some great new literature out now too, with Margret Atwood’s The Testaments recently launching, as well as new crime fiction and thrillers from fan favourites such as Lee Childs, Stephen King and Peter Robinson, among many others. As such now’s a great time to treat yourself to a fat hardback and chill out under some warm blankets and jumpers.

What I’m trying to say is that any time’s a great time for a good book, but in autumn you can really ham up the cold weather and dreariness and use it as an excuse to get super cosy with one of your favourites. So what are you waiting for? Get reading!




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