Five Ways To Make Yourself Read More Books

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There’s a meme going around on social media that discusses the issue of the world getting dumber. It says something about how people who read twelve books over summer should get something free: what depends on the meme you see, there are loads of them out there. Some say a holiday, some free coupons for stores. Whatever it says, the message is the same: read more books and you’ll learn more.

That’s true to a point, but reading also leads you towards better critical thinking, and allows readers to understand when to believe or absorb knowledge and when to question and examine it. It teaches you valuable life skills that cannot be obtained through any other pastime.

Personally, I’ve always been a firm believer that reading helps you to learn and is of vital importance to everyone, of any age or profession. A friend of mine objects to her little boy being made to read in school. I can’t understand why, and I’ve argued the toss with her over it a few times. I just can’t understand why she doesn’t want him to read more- I think it’s a good thing kids are taught the importance of reading young. She thinks he does it enough at home, but, as I’ve stated previously, not only is that not true of all kids, but it’s also not the point.

Reading is one of the fundamentals of learning: if you read enough, something will stick. It can be hard, however, to get people to do it. That’s why schools try to get kids to start young. If you didn’t start early then here are five ways you can push yourself to read more and, most importantly, enjoy it.

5. Look for books about things you enjoy: Be it a certain sport, animals, a brand you like buying or anything else, find a hobby or pastime you enjoy and then seek out books about it. There are hundreds of books about virtually anything; even the most obscure of topics has a few that you can seek out. You’ll learn more about the hobby you like and come to enjoy reading about it.

4. Read books linked to shows, games or films you like: With that first point in mind, if you enjoy a particular film, series of even video game, try and find the books that they were based on, or that have been based on them. That way you’ll be able to get yourself to experience new books and learn new things.

3. Become a member of your local library: Books, like pretty much everything, can be bloody expensive at times. So by becoming a library member you will have access to some of the latest releases for free! You’ll also be supporting a valuable resource for your community, so there are literally no downsides.

2. Don’t limit your reading material: Whether it’s graphic novels, comics, young adult novels or those trashy easy-readers that they stock in abundance at charity shops, the calibre of your reading material doesn’t matter. So long as you’re reading and enjoying it, that’s all that matters. I would recommend varying your reading material as much as possible, but if it makes you happy then you do you.

1. Make reading a part of your day: Whether it’s right before bed, after the kids are asleep, on your commute, during your lunch break or in the morning over breakfast, pick a time and read. Have a favourite reading spot and make sure you always read once a day. You can vary your routine and read at other times too, but by making it routine you will get yourself into the habit and be more like to read on the regular.

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