Crime Fiction I’m Looking Forward To In 2021

Happy New Year to everyone who’s supported my blog throughout 2020, and here’s to a much better year in 2021.

After a horrific year, 2021 can only get better. It’s hard to imagine that things will get better, and while they might not return to what we consider to be ‘normal’, they’re certainly going to improve as the vaccine roles out, Trump fucks off and we all get used to caring for and supporting each other.

Also, a New Year means new books for readers to dig their teeth into. Following my list of the crime fiction I was looking forward to in 2020, I’ve created a fresh list for a shiny New Year.

If you’re searching for something to read in 2021, especially while we ride out the pandemic and spend more time indoors to protect others, then read on. I’ll share my pick of the crime fiction novels being realised throughout the year.

Dial A For Aunties: A murder mystery mixed with a touch of romantic comedy by Jesse Q. Sutanto, Dial A For Aunties is funny and gripping. Set in a Chinese-Indonesian community living in America, the novel gives readers a glimpse into this society and how far family will go to protect its own. When Meddelin Chan kills her blind date by accident, she turns to her family for help. Her mother reaches out to her aunts for assistance in disposing of the body, which is harder than they initially believe it will be, leading to mayhem and mystery. The family’s wedding business provides a unique opportunity, but also many instances of chaos and calamity.

The Coffin Maker’s Garden: The third novel in Stuart MacBride’s Ash Henderson series, The Coffin Maker’s Garden is an innovative new thriller with a unique setting; a house that’s crumbling into the sea during a vicious storm. The crime scene is falling into the sea, which makes the job of uncovering how many bodies are there, and how they died. The case quickly catches the attention of the local media, and with the region’s leaders searching desperately for a scapegoat to pin the crimes on, the former detective inspector faces a desperate race against time to learn the truth about the coastal garden full of human remains that’s falling into the sea.

Death in Daylesford: The latest in the Phyrne Fisher series by the respected Australian author Kerry Greenwood, Death In Daylesford is one I’ve been looking forward to for some time. It’s been a while since the last in the series featuring the 1920s society flapper turned super sleuth, so this latest novel, launching in June of this year, will be something to enjoy in the summer. When the detective receives an invitation from the owner of a respected spa in Victoria, she’s excited to get her teeth stuck into another thrilling mystery. Taking her faithful maid with her, she embarks on an intriguing trip to the spa, while at home her friends and adopted children work to uncover the truth about a mysterious body pulled from the river.

The Survivors: From the bestselling author of The Dry, the smash hit thriller that took the world by storm, comes the latest mystery. Jane Harper’s new novel, The Survivor, brings us the tale of a small coastal town battling a lot of secrets and mysterious circumstances. A body found on the beach, a sunken wreck and a missing girl cause a stir that will have a lasting impact on the local community and change many lives forever. The incidents particularly impact on recent returnee Kieran Elliott, who has come back to town to nurse old wounds and visit his parents. The novel is full of twists and turns, as the writer brings to life a gripping tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished the final chapter.

 Not Dark Yet: Peter Robinson’s popular detective DCI Banks gets yet another outing in the 27th novel featuring the dour detective, Not Dark Yet. A gory double murder at the luxury home of a property developer looks like an open and shut mob hit from the Albanian mafia. However, when Banks’s team uncovers a mysterious stash of videos, the case takes a sinister turn. Meanwhile, one of Banks’s friends is digging into the past to find the men who trafficked her, but her digging puts her, Banks and those he loves in danger. All in all, you can expect a gripping police procedural from Robinson, who’s renowned for his relatable characters and modern thrillers that will keep you enthralled.


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