The Dorset Book Detective’s Christmas Gift Guide For 2020

If you’re shopping for presents for book lovers and avid readers, but don’t want to get them an impersonal gift certificate or add to their collection of books, then this is the gift guide for you.

Like my past guides, all of the gifts in this gift guide are unique products that can make their lives more fun. Rather than adding to their collection of books, you can get them cool products and experiences that they’ll love.

This year has been insane, so it’s understandable that Christmas will be a little bit different this year. Still everyone wants to make the people they love feel happy this festive season, which means finding not only great snacks for them to eat but also amazing gifts that they can treasure.

No one wants, or needs, more tat- the best gifts are the ones that they will use for many years to come. Finding those presents can be tough, which is why I put together an annual gift guide to help you find presents for the readers you know and love.

Without any further ado, here’s my guide to buying gifts for book lovers in 2020. Instead of a gift voucher or another book, try one of these slightly different options.

A Subscription Box For Their Favourite Series

If you know someone who loves a particular series, such as Harry Potter (despite J.K. Rowling’s flaws) or The Lord Of The Rings, then you can get a cool subscription box for them. They can receive mystery items of a specific value that allow them to show off their love of their favourite series of books. Find a box that gives them a selection of lovely treats and has good reviews, then order them either a one-off mystery box or an on-going subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.

Tickets To A Virtual Literary Event

Thanks to the pandemic, many authors and literary festival organisers have moved their events online. Some events are free to watch, but others require payment to get a ticket and attend. A ticket to a virtual event is easier to enjoy than a ticket to a physical experience, as your friend or family member won’t need to take time off, get a baby/ pet sitter or travel to the venue. Instead, they can use your ticket to enjoy an engaging talk from the comfort of their own home, so long as they have a good Internet connection. If you know their favourite author, then try and find a talk that they’re giving online and buy them a ticket, so they can enjoy an experience rather than a piece of junk that they don’t need and probably won’t use more than once.

A Freestanding Bookcase

If you know someone who loves books and is always buying more, but never seems to have anywhere to put them, then you could try buying them a cool freestanding bookcase. Some larger bookcases require assembly, which will give them a fun (or frustrating) activity for Boxing Day. Alternatively, you could get them a small freestanding bookcase that doesn’t need assembly. I personally have a little spinning bookshelf that’s about 2 foot high that I bought for a fiver from a charity shop and I love it. It’s the best piece of furniture I own, and I’d recommend getting one for anyone who loves books even half as much as I adore them. They’ll receive a physical present that they will actually use that makes them happy.

Handmade Book Ornament

Over recent years, a big trend in crafting has seen many creative turn old books into beautiful ornaments. Many people cut out the pages of books to create unique products that look quirky and can be personalised. Consider checking out Facebook marketplace or Etsy to find a small manufacture who can hand make a innovative book ornament that your friend and family member will enjoy. These stunning cutout books are a great way to reduce waste by not throwing out old books that no one wants to read anymore, but which are still good to be used to brighten up your friends’ homes.

I hope this gift guide gives you some inspiration. Good luck finding the perfect gift for the book lovers in your life!

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