How To Find A Book You’ll Love To Read


Buying books can be a minefield, particularly if you’re buying new books. They’re expensive; even if you’re using those lovely gift vouchers your clueless relative gave you as a gift for Christmas.

With that in mind, you need to learn how to choose a book that you’ll love, even before you’ve read it. Read on to learn some tricks to help you find a book you’ll love, every time you go bookshop browsing.

Think About The Books You Love

Consider the books you already love and the qualities they have. They might be in a certain genre, or style, so try to find other books that are similar. This will boost your chances of finding a new book, or series, that you love.

Use Bookseller Recommendations

Wherever you’re buying your books, your seller is bound to have some suggestions to help you find another book you’ll enjoy. Online sellers like Amazon offer suggestions based on your browsing and buying history. Even physical sellers usually have suggestions cards, so you can find some recommended reading to follow after you’ve finished your favourite book.

Ask Your Friends And Fellow Fans

Fellow fans of your favourite series and friends who know about your love for a specific author, will be able to give you advice on the next books to read. They’ll have been through the same dilemma themselves, so they can give you great recommendations you’ll enjoy.

Read The Blurb

It might sound obvious, but you should read the blurb of every book you’re planning on buying. So many people neglect to properly read the blurb, but it gives an accurate description of the book, meaning you can make an informed decision on whether it’s right for you or not. You should also read the quotes that are written on the jacket, but don’t take these too seriously, as they only pick the positive quotes for the outside of the book.

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