Prediction: Children’s Books Will Dominate 2020 Reading Lists


Children’s books have been coming into their own of recent months. No more are they the exclusive reading of kids and the parents of kids who’re forced to read them to little ones.

Now, books aimed at kids are coming into their own, and becoming popular among adults and children alike. This trend is only going to continue in the New Year and beyond.

I’m not necessarily saying that bookshops will do away with children’s sections in the 2020s, but I definitely think you’ll see more adults shopping in them. I think that writers will start to adjust their writing to include more topical jokes for adults as well as being suitable for kids, something which is already being implemented by modern children’s writers including David Walliams and others.

Part of the reason I think this is because of the advent of children’s literature being turned into TV shows and films. Little Women, His Dark Materials and Worzel Gummidge. There’s also the popularity of famed children’s films such as Frozen 2, which is incredibly popular with kids and adults alike.

This is transitioning into literature, with more and more adults choosing to pick kid’s books. This is particularly true in genres that require a lot of imagination, like fantasy and sci-fi. Many fans of these styles of books tend to focus more on what they enjoy than what anybody else thinks anyways, what with their preferred style of books being mostly overlooked by others in the first place.

As these genres require lots of imagination and creativity, they’re beloved by adult and child readers alike. Over the coming year I see this growing even more important and readers coming to terms with the idea that some books can be written for and read by a much wider audience.

Ultimately, I think that the blurring of the lines between children’s and adult literature will be the biggest reading trend in 2020, and when I’m right I’ll be reminding you. Just you wait and see.

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