Donald Trump Junior: A Great Example Of How Not To Promote A Book


The worst leader in the history of the world’s son has recently released a book, which has quickly proved to be a master class in bad book PR.

Seriously, if a book PR company was going to release a guide on how not to promote your book, they’d fill it with stuff exactly like what Donald Trump Junior is doing right now.

The book, named Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us, discuss Trump’s fanciful notion that the left hates everyone and is filled with hateful bigotry, including an entire chapter dedicated to transphobia.

Coming out of a renowned fascist whose father is currently running concentration camps at his country’s border and separates migrant children from their parents, saying that the left is full of hate is, in my opinion, a bit much, for there you go.

Throughout the campaign to promote the book, Trump Junior has been behaving, frankly, bizarrely. His book recently got to the top of the New York Times’ bestseller list for non-fiction, but the listing has a dagger next to it, indicating that it includes bulk purchases.

Prior to this, Trump Junior and his girlfriend walked out of a campus appearance at the University of California after being heckled by far right supporters who were fans of theirs.

Whilst the pair were afraid of liberals heckling them and telling them that their hate filled diatribe should stop, it was actually people who’d turned up to support them that shouted at them and caused them to leave, after the couple declined to host a question and answer session.

Despite Trump Junior stating that he loves answering questions, he decided that he didn’t want to, and this led to repeated chants that eventually drove him and his girlfriend to rant at the audience before departing.

Such pathetic and hypocritical behaviour is what he is accusing the left of in his book, so it’s more than a little surprising and really bed press for his book, which clearly isn’t making the splash in the literary market that Trump Junior might have hoped.

At the end of the day, it’s little surprise that Donald Trump Junior, named after the world’s biggest baby crossed with a Cheeto, is a pathetic man-child whose book is a load of fascist crap, but I am surprised that he hasn’t got a better PR team to at least make it look like he’s trying to promote this book properly.

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