Summer Birthday Gifts For The Reader In Your Life

summer gift ideas booklovers

It was my birthday on Saturday, and whilst I don’t get a lot of gifts (because I’m over about five) I was spoiled rotten by my friends. Despite this, I always treat myself to something small every year to celebrate getting another year older.

Each year I try to find something new to tell myself that it’s all OK and I’m lucky enough to have a steady job and a small amount of disposable income, of which I’m proud.

At Christmas I posted my gift guide for when you’re treating a friend or someone you love, but what do you buy yourself or someone with a summer birthday when it’s just a little present?

It’s tempting to check out the soulless gift section of Waterstones and just grab something shitty from there (usually related to Harry Potter, seriously gift makers need to think outside of that box), but it’s always much nicer to pick up something handmade and unique.

Although you can check out Etsy and all those sorts of online marketplaces, the best place to look is always at a craft fair or in small, boutique shops. There you can find all sorts of cute trinkets for the book lover in your life, including unique bookmarks (FYI, we will end up just using receipts and old train tickets anyway, but it’s always lovely to be given a really cute bookmark), cool little reading lights or even book related paraphernalia, such as tote bags with cool quotes on.

If they’re a fan of a specific series then you’re in: it’s pretty much guaranteed that someone has made something related to it, so you can grab that and truss it up as a sweet little gift. Even some obscure book series have gifts you can buy for your loved ones, so explore and find something really unique.

So, I think what I’m really trying to say is that if you have someone in your life who loves books and is born in the summer, you don’t just have to buy them a voucher. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there you can treat them (or yourself) to!

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