Not From Above! Review: A Unique Collection of Curious Tales

Not From Above Cover

The debut collection of stories from musician Alexander Mayor is darkly comic and deeply diverse, featuring a variety of stories across a host of different genres on a wide range of topics.

The book is a compilation of short tales that accompany the album of the same name. Published by Unbound, the stories incorporate innovative characters, creative plotlines and inventive storytelling.

Each story is unique and grips the reader from the outset. Mayor is fond of using short, tantalizing sentences to lead his reader on, and in some ways a number of his stories feel like poetry or song lyrics in the beginning. As they draw on the reader is taken in by a swift narrative and a plot that is surprisingly detailed for having been explained in so few words. The result is a set of separate narratives that pull readers along so that they easily read half a dozen of the stories before they realize how much they’ve gone through.

The album which accompanies the book is billed as ‘Literate, hummable tunes that capture painters on the brink, women on the verge, and men lost somewhere on a hillside.’ Featuring a range of instruments and relaxing melodies, the album goes hand in glove with the book, which involves a range of realistic characters and showcases human nature in its truest form. From spies being pursued in search of answers through to an incredibly unusual board game, there is something to tempt any reader in this eclectic selection of stories.

In all, Not From Above! is a fascinating collection of stories which captures human nature and the great strangeness of life today. A unique combination of music and storytelling, the book and album combination is innovative and offers readers an alternative reading experience that they won’t forget in a hurry.

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