Five Great Chocolate Treats To Eat While Reading This Easter!

reading and eating chocolate

Happy Easter! A fun one for you today as I check out five eggcellent chocolatey treats you can indulge in over the holiday period as you delve into your favourite book.

After all, not all chocs are alike, and some are better suited to reading than others. There’s the issue of dropping chocolate on your book, or chocolates that require you to touch them with your hands, and as such leave you running the risk of covering your book pages in smears. What you really want is a chocolate that won’t crumble too much, or can be popped into your mouth whole, and which, on a holiday such as Easter, evokes childhood memories. Take a look at the below and see what you think!

5. Mini Eggs: If you’re looking for something Easter themed then it can be tough finding the perfect treat to eat while reading. Big eggs tend to crumbles to hell and Crème Eggs suck. There, I said it. They are too sweet and just plain awful. But Mini Eggs are great because they are small enough to chuck straight into your mouth and you won’t get your sticky mitts on the pages of your book because of the sugar shell covering the chocolate. Win win!

4. Cadbury Caramel Eggs: I know I know, I just blasphemed Crème Eggs, but Caramel Eggs are a whole different ball game. They are just so much nicer. The filling isn’t overwhelmingly sweet and they’re the right size to eat quickly, in just one or two bites. Also the foil means you can protect your hands and make sure you don’t get marks on your book. Just make sure you don’t dribble the caramel on it!

3. Malteser Bunnies: Maltesers in general are a great reading chocolate, but at Easter the bunnies make for a lovely way to treat yourself and feel like you’re celebrating. The trick to not getting crumbs all down the spine of your lovely book is to turn your head slightly as you bite into it, then hold it away from your book as you munch and read. Sounds a little laborious, I know, but it’s worth it.

2. Lindt Gold Bunnies: Another great example of a rabbit being used to market chocolate, the Lindt Gold Bunnies have been a staple for many years now, and they’re definitely worth shelling out for. Whilst other brand bunnies tend to be made of super sweet chocolate, the Lindt ones are made of their lovely delicious chocolate, making them well worth the extra. They also hold together exceptionally well, and as such are great for when you’re reading and don’t want to get chocolate all over your precious book!

1. Galaxy Caramel: The Queen of all chocolate treats, Galaxy Caramel is a year round winner. Whatever the celebration or if you just fancy a snack while you read, this is the perfect option. Normally Galaxy is too sweet and shiny, but the caramel offsets this perfectly and makes it a great indulgence to munch on while you use your time off to catch-up on your reading.

So, what’s chocolate treat will you be snacking on this Easter? I’d love to hear your thoughts on my line-up and what you would’ve done differently!

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