Skyjack Review: A Novel That Will Hold You Hostage


My second book tour post today is a review of the thrilling new hostage negotiation novel that has the plot of a Hollywood movie. I didn’t mean to schedule them on the same day, but one date looks very much the same as the next when it’s warm and sunny outside! So have a look at my review of this latest edge-of-your-seat roller-coaster of a book which will soon be THE novel to take with you to the beach.

K.J Howe’s sequel to the renowned The Freedom Broker brings back hostage negotiator Thea Paris. This time, she’s on a flight to take two former child soldiers to a new life when her plane is hijacked. Separated from the boys she is minding, Thea and her team undertake a desperate search for the truth which leads them to some deep conspiracies that reach deep into the heart of many of the world’s key organisations.

Sinister and overwhelming in equal measure, the novel penetrates right to the heart of organised society and explores the greed, violence and injustice inherent in humankind, as well as the lengths people will go to in order to stop it. Thea Paris is a truly inspirational character; a woman who is both sympathetic and at the same time intelligent- her emotions do not blind her to reality, unlike many female characters in similar positions, making her even more engaging and exciting when you think of how many male protagonists there are in this genre.

Short, sharp sentences punctuate the narrative, keeping the novel tightly wound from the first chapter right through to the nail-biting conclusion. Keeping readers guessing throughout, Howe creates a truly un-put-downable book that is impossible to forget about or ignore. Her multidimensional characters are impressive considering there are many and some have very limited time spent on them.

At the end of the book I felt truly immersed in Thea’s gripping world, which, fundamentally, is what you’re looking for in a good thriller.




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