Easter Reads to Get You Through the Last Day of the Long Weekend

Easter Reading

Happy Easter! I hope you are having a lovely weekend filled with fun, family and, most importantly, chocolate! If you work in retail or healthcare then I am sorry for flaunting my freedom to you, but for everybody with a long weekend, now is a great time to check out new books.

With so much extra time on your hands (for those of us lucky to have Bank Holidays off), now is a great time to peruse your local second hand bookshops, charity shops or even use your leftover Christmas vouchers to buy that book that’s been on your wish list for like ever. As the working week draws ever nearer, now is the time to curl up on the sofa and check out your new books in peace and quiet.

Pastoral novels are a great read in Spring, as you long for rolling hills and wide, open fields. Fingers in the Sparkle Jar is a great choice, or there’s a new book called The Wood by John Lewis-Stempel, a beautiful nature text which I personally am keen to check out. If you have never read it, I am also very keen on H is for Hawk, an engaging memoir by a fascinating author.

There are those who would like to get back to the religious roots of the holiday (never mind the fact that it has in fact been reappropriated from a Pagan festival), and perhaps reacquaint themselves with some more spiritual texts, such as the bible or some non-fiction which discusses it, however I know nothing about all that, so good luck to you.

For those who fancy re-reading an old favourite, or getting to know a beloved classic, now is the best time, as I have already asserted in my previous post. Having recently visited Jane Austen’s former home at Chawton, I have been reaching for her works, and have devoured her unfinished three novels, Lady Susan, The Watsons and Sanditon, with great delight.

There are also many great reimaginings of older classics that you can grab, for example Money in the Morgue, Ngaio Marsh’s unfinished Inspector Alleyn novel which has been completed by Stella Duffy, and will soon be reviewed on the Dorset Book Detective very soon. There is also A Talent for Murder, Andrew Wilson’s innovative novel featuring a reincarnation of real life Queen of Crime Agatha Christie as a fearless crime solver working to uncover how she came to be almost pushed in front of a train and what her is behind her rescuer’s attempts at blackmail.

There’s also books which are the basis for your favourite film or TV series to consider if you’re a screen junkie, and with so many to choose from now is the time to grab your favourite and settle down for a cosy read. With Ordeal By Innocence dominating the Easter TV Guides as the show to watch, avid readers can either grab that or check out one of the other, slightly better books in Christie’s expansive back catalogue, such as Dead Man’s Folly or They Do It With Mirrors. There are also book versions of your favourite films, such as Netflix’s Annihilation, Ready Player One as well as A Wrinkle in Time.

If you fancy something completely new, there are many great new releases out there that you can check out; there is Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell, The Dark Angel by Elly Griffiths or The Visitor by K.L. Slater. Crime Fiction always gets a boost around this time of year, following Christmas and in the run-up to the Summer holidays, with the January releases now out in Paperback whilst the Summer books are only just out in Hardback, with their Paperback release scheduled in time for everyone to snatch one as they jet off to sunnier shores.

Whatever you choose, as Monday brings the long weekend to its close you can while away your final day off with a good book and remind yourself why you love reading.

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