Competition Time! Comment to Win A Copy of Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell!

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Hey! In a couple of weeks’ time I’m going to be taking part in a blog tour for former Police Detective Caroline Mitchell’s thriller Silent Victim. To celebrate, I’m running a competition where you could win a copy of the book.

The novel focuses on Emma, a woman who truly has it all. A beautiful son, a loving husband and a dream job. Life only seem to get better when her husband, Alex, is offered a promotion and plans to move his young family to a new home. But Emma has a terrifying secret. In her back garden lies the body of a school teacher who seduced her as a teenager and Emma is responsible for it being there. Knowing she cannot leave without disposing of the body, Emma returns to rid herself of it once and for, only to discovers it gone. Panic and terror lead to a confession of the crime to her husband, who promises to stand by her no matter what.

But Emma’s revelation shakes them to the core. As the idyllic life they once led becomes unhinged, soon both find themselves tangled in a web of deceit and as a chain reaction of events take place, their perfect existence begins to implode. Splitting the story between three voices, Caroline draws on her police officer experience to present the complex and blurred lines between victim and predator, innocence and guilt, deceit and protection.

All you have to do to win is comment below with why you are looking forward to reading the novel. The most passionate, innovative answer will win! I’ll announce the winner on 9th March when I review the book, so get commenting to win!


38 thoughts on “Competition Time! Comment to Win A Copy of Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell!

  1. April

    It sounds really interesting and like something you could really get lost in! Who doesn’t love a thriller!? Might stop me from watching all the crime documentaries on Netflix for awhile!


  2. Sharon Rimmelzwaan

    I am looking forward to reading this book as I have read previous novels from Caroline and I love her work! The fact she was previously a copper shines through everytime. I adore the way she interweaves fact and fiction. The fact of police procedures with fiction of the story.


  3. I love Caroline Mitchell’s books. They are always so well written and usually just when you think you’ve gotten the whole thing figured out….. you realise you don’t. I’ve read all her previous books and can’t wait to read this one. There will be not a child washed or a dinner cooked from when I start reading it until I turn the last page.


  4. Michelle Mcdonald

    I am looking forward to reading this as I am a firm believer that no life is perfect and noone knows what goes on behind closed doors. The book sounds fascinating. Cannot wait to read another one of yours.


  5. Sheila McGirr

    I’m looking forward to reading this as I’m a self-confessed book whore. When I’m reading one book I’ve always got one eye on my next one.


  6. Alan Hatton

    I’ve read all of Caroline Mitchell’s books so far and have loved them all, she writes in such a way that you can’t help but read the book in a couple of sittings, I think the term “page turner” was invented with Caroline in mind. I need this book in my life!


  7. M Forman

    Twists and turns of truth and lies with a plot to keep you guessing the outcome is always going to keep me engrossed. Definitely a book to be read in one sitting!


  8. Lesley McIntosh

    It sounds a great read but what will Emma and her husband do to cope with the chaos that unravels around them ?? Looking forward to see how Caroline completes her story, but I think it looks as though the marriage and life as Emma knows it might be over , unless they up and run to the new job????Thanks for the chance to enter


  9. Alison Thomas

    I love reading Caroline ‘ s books. Whatever is going on in my life wether it be my husband s illness or mine,looking after elderly relatives or doing housework Caroline stories immerse my mind and take me off to a place where my thoughts are,who,what ,where and why? I am totally absorbed,so the thought of another book by this very talented author makes me ecstatic!


  10. Kirsty Southwell

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book, did she? Didn’t she? Kill him!! A real edge of your seat page turner. Highly recommend this.


  11. Viktoria Bartusov

    I red the book:)
    I would really like to give this book as a gift to someone who is currently in a bad domestic situation.


  12. lnewman20

    I am someone who has never been an avid reader; finding the time is hard enough and I had too much screen time and not enough page time!
    Until I read Witness upon recommendation from my father and I really found my passion for reading. I have gone from reading 1 book in 8 years to 8 books in 6 months (baby steps!)

    I’d love to win this book to further explore the fantastic writing of Caroline, whom I’ll always secretly owe a thank you to!


  13. Jo

    To have kept such a powerful secret would shape your relationship, but to have to reveal it in these circumstances, makes you wonder if the relationship can survive. Can’t wait to read it


  14. Julie O'Toole

    I have already read this book, courtesy of Amazon, and can honestly say it’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I once heard that ‘finishing a good book is like losing a good friend’, but I never really understood the sentiment until I finished this book! I was so engrossed, I found myself holding my breath and forgetting to breathe, the tension was so high! With Caroline having worked within the Police force, I also imagine she has seen some terrible sites, so when she describes the ‘smell’ of a murder scene, I just know that’s exactly what it must be like. A real page turner and a riveting read, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I actually think this would make a brilliant TV series – I’ll keep a look out for it Caroline!😊


  15. Denise Wolfs

    Oh my god, I hope I’m not too late. Well, no harm in trying. I don’t know if this competition is open worldwide, but I live in The Netherlands and on all kind of book sites I’ve been reading about this book and I want it! It sounds really awesome!


  16. Suzanne Appleton

    I’d love to win as I’m going to be having operation on my hand in couple of weeks and need something to save me from daytime telly ! Xx


  17. Shannon

    I would love a chance to read one of your books!

    This reminds me of CL Taylor’s The Fear with a teacher/student story but I like to see how the lies unravel and when the truth is finally served. I feel it sounds really engaging and would take my mind off a few things at the moment – I can fully be immersed in the book!


  18. Desiree

    I chose this as my free Kindle book, and LOVED it. Read it all in two days. I would really like to have a physical copy to put in my personal library in my home. I plan to buy another copy as well, to share with friends. Lifelong fan now!


  19. Tracey Wilson

    I love your books and I also love books that keep me gripped and entertained. Would be lovely to receive this and read when I am visiting the hospital and my friend is sleeping. Would make my month and it’s my birthday month as well.
    Good luck to everyone that enters you certainly will not be disappointed xxx


  20. Pamela McDonnell

    I can’t wait to read Silent Witness as Caroline is one of the best up and coming writers that I have read. Loving the Ruby Preston series so can’t wait to see what this intriguing book will bring. Best of luck on the blog tour too Caroline, you’ll smash it xxx


  21. Jenny Ellis

    Amazing story I couldn’t put this down. So real and important for people to understand how real this story is for so many in society. I read this on my kindle but would love a paper copy to share with others 😊


  22. Caroline Mitchell is not only one of my favourite authors but also the person responsible for kick starting my love of reading after decades away from it! Every book has been an unputdownable page turner. To win a signed copy of Silent Victim would truly make today a birthday to remember! It’s the only one I haven’t read (yet).


  23. Oooo this sounds like that episode of Brookside all those years ago! Sounds like a great story and i would love to know how Emma comes out on the other side of it all.


  24. This sounds brilliant. I can’t imagine having a body in the back garden. On one hand I’d want to be so far away from it but then you need to stay close to make sure it’s not discovered. What a dilemma! Edge of your seat stuff.


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