Crime Fiction I’m Looking Forward to in 2018

new year 2018

Happy New Year! It seems like only yesterday that I was writing this post for 2017, but here we are, 12 months later, looking into the latest releases for the year ahead. As ever there are loads of great things happening in the world of literature in 2018, particularly Crime Fiction which, as you probably already know, is a particular passion of mine.

Thanks to the tense political and social spaces we currently inhabit, there is a vast array of material for writers to draw from and to parallel. From the world leaders bent on inciting war no matter the consequences to the changing international marketplaces, the economic bubbles and the technological marvels that are constantly testing our moral fabric, 2018 looks set to be as fraught and challenging a year as its predecessor, and as such readers will be spoiled for choice as writers from across the various genres explore these phenomenon and the ways in which we deal with them.

Everyone from big names through to smaller writers is releasing something exciting and shiny and new for 2018, making this another great year to find some truly exhilarating novels to really sink your teeth into.

Among the big names releasing a new novel this year in the Crime Fiction market is J.K Rowling, under the, frankly pointless, pseudonym Robert Galbraith, who is reportedly releasing a new Cormoran Strike novel, which is believed to be called Lethal White. The fourth in the series, this latest novel follows on from the previous book’s excitement, so Lethal White looks set to be a thrilling treat for fans of this tough, rugged detective and his supportive sidekick.

Additionally, early in 2018 Peter May is releasing his latest novel, I’ll Keep You Safe. This globe trotting tale, set predominantly in Scotland, takes on the issues of family and how well you can truly know someone, as Niamh Macfarlane faces the challenge of exploring the betrayals of her late husband whilst proving herself innocent of his murder. As the police close in she is driven deeper into a web of lies, deceit and shocking home truths, offering a promising start to the New Year for thriller fans.

Later in the year acclaimed Scandinavian writer Jo Nesbo is also releasing a new novel, entitled Macbeth, offering an innovative take on the Shakespearean classic that will really shake things up for Scandinavian Crime Fiction. Fans of Nesbo’s fast paced narratives and snappy dialogue will be looking forward to this one, as it combines the moral questions of Shakespeare with modern topics including drugs and police hierarchies.

The usual suspects are also due to release new work, and I have high hopes for Guy Fraser-Sampson’s Hampstead Murders series to continue and offer yet another unique twist on Golden Age Crime Fiction later this year.

Overall, I’m invigorated by the range of new books and detectives being introduced in 2018, and feel that this year will offer even more exciting developments for the Crime Fiction space. Happy Reading Everyone!

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