Only Dead on the Inside Review

only dead on the inside

I’ve been a fan of the hilarious Twitter account of James Breakwell, AKA @XplodingUnicorn, for a couple of years now, and I enjoy his joking discussions on the absurdities of parenting. As I’m not a parent myself this may seem strange, but I can assure you that his tales of raising four girls under 10, a pig and a dog are utterly hilarious to this 20-something who uses them as validation to explain why she will never change my mind about having children (and to try and convince her housemates to band together and buy a pig instead).

So far, the latter endeavour has not been successful, and frankly neither has the former, as everyone is still convinced I’ll one day want a sprog of my own (why?!). For this, I entirely blame James for not having tried hard enough. But no matter. We are here to review his book, the result of his hard work tweeting about his family and their disdain for his love of tweeting about them. The book offers an informative guide for parents on how to survive if the dead ever start rising, so that it won’t just be just ‘smug, outdoorsy Millennials’ left when the end happens.

Only Dead on the Inside: A Parent’s Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse is a remarkably through overview of everything a parent could possibly need to know about navigating the end of the world; from how to tell your kids the bad news to which toys make the best weapons. There’s even handy tips on how to survive everyday life with kids, such as how to check that your day-care provider isn’t overrun with zombies, making this a great read regardless of whether the end of the world is nigh. There are even helpful comic strips and charts throughout, offering the dual benefit of being easy to read and ensuring that the message gets through even to those who are reading whilst on the run, whether it be from brain eating zombies or disgruntled toddlers.

At the end of the day, (or the world), if you’re looking for genuine zombie survival tips then go watch The Walking Dead or ply Sean Bean with shots and see if he’ll give you some. If you want a light-hearted and witty representation of how parents can survive the apocalypse that is having children, as well as any literal zombie based issues that may come their way, then Only Dead on the Inside is the book for you.

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