Why Summer is the Best Time for Reading, Especially Crime Fiction

Reading a book at the beach

Summer is great for loads of reasons. Better weather (ha ha), time off (if you’re lucky), holidays, ice cream, and of course, all the good books come out. Bookshop shelves heave with new title as we move into proper summer and publishers push to increase sales by appealing to those facing the prospect of long flights and days spent lazing on the beach with nothing to do but indulge in a good book.

It is a particularly great time to be a Crime Fiction fan, as the biggest names in the genre are releasing their new novels in time for the summer rush. Everyone from Ian Rankin to Peter James, and even Lee Childs, is bringing out a new offering to get people reading over the summer. Some new names are also bringing out new novels soon, giving a great range of choice for anyone looking for a new read to indulge in while the weather’s fine.

It’s not just readers that have a good time during the summer; film fans get a boost too, with many great blockbusters released as the award’s season looms. Wonder Woman is brilliant, and there are some other great films coming up, and many are on streaming sites. Netflix is a great place to catch many awesome thrillers, from great classics such as The Babadook, The Human Centipede and The Wicker Man (the remake, sadly) through to their own originals such as the brilliant The Circle, and the not-so-great You Get Me featuring model Bella Thorne (not sure which one she is, they are all generically pretty) and a load of posing white guys. The only scary thing is the predictability of the plot (spoiler alert- the pretty one night stand did it- this crazy girl trope came in with Gone Girl and has now been watered down and rehashed so much it’s unreal).

Despite this poor offering there remain many awesome options out there, both in terms of film and books. Readers and movie goers alike can feed their passions on the latest offerings as award’s season looms and both markets rush to impress before the judges make their final selections, as well as seeking to reach consumers who find themselves with spare time on their hands and a yen for an improving book or invigorating film.

So overall, now is a great time to race down to the shops and snag yourself a great novel to read over the summer, no matter how you’re spending it. Whether you’re sunning yourself on some far-off beach or sneaking a few chapters in between shifts, summer is a great time for grabbing a really great thriller hot off the press.

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