Shocking Circumstances Review: Style Over Substance

shocking circumstances

Opening with a bang, Chris Roy’s Shocking Circumstances lives up to its title; the first chapter is exhilarating and fast paced as we witness the beating of a man for information on missing money. Well executed, this thrilling opener nonetheless leaves the reader confused and wanting more- although they certainly get it as the novel continues to rattle along.

Following the rise, fall and retribution of Clarice “Shocker” Ares, a former boxer and her husband Ace Carter, who are fitted up and busted with a shipment of drugs which sees them on a downward spiral as they undergo humiliation, fear and desperation to get themselves out of prison and exact revenge on the corrupt policeman that destroyed their lives.

Aside from the opening chapter the novel is written in the first person, providing an interesting narrative as the reader navigates the various hectic arenas in which the plot plays out.

Dialogue is great, and the characterization is interesting and well-throughout out, but the plot is often a little one-dimensional and at times unbelievable; whilst Shocking Circumstances could never be described as boring, I find myself wondering if real people would behave as Roy’s characters do in the given situations.

Remembering that this is fiction and everyone is allowed a little artistic license, overall this novel is a hit. Equal parts exciting and riveting, it holds the attention well and offers a lot more punch than many more tame thrillers.

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