Crime Fiction I’m Looking Forward to in 2017


First of all I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year ahead of tomorrow, and I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.

The New Year heralds a host of exciting new novels that will make it a great year to either get into Crime Fiction or grow your obsession.

In the summer the next Rina Walker novel by Hugh Fraser is due to be released and I am excited to see what the next instalment in this thrilling series will bring.

Paula Hawkins, author of the excellent The Girl on the Train, has a new novel Into the Water due out around May and it promises to offer the same psychological intrigue and skilled characterization as her previous bestseller.

Another favorite, Jo Nesbo, has a new book out at around the same time as he brings back his iconic detective Harry Hole to investigate another serial killer on a vicious killing spree.

Benedict J. Jones, a wonderful author I had the pleasure of interviewing earlier in 2016, also has a book out in the New Year featuring the excellent Charlie Bars as the follow up to Pennies for Charon sees this brilliant detective caught up in dark doings in the bleak Northumbrian countryside whilst on holiday. Horse mutilation, deadly obsession, dog fighting, a family of maniacs, and a family in danger are all in store and I for one am looking forward to it.

Overall 2017 looks set to be an awesome year for Crime Fiction and I cannot wait to get stuck in. Let’s just hope that there are fewer celebrity deaths and more great new novels released!

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