The Girl On The Train Trailer: My Thoughts

The Girl on The Train is a captivating and frankly terrifying read (you can check out my full review of the book HERE).

Despite the book having been one of my personal favourites for a long time, I have always been sceptical about Hollywood getting hold of it and turning it into some awful drudge. Setting the film in America (despite casting Emily Blunt as Rachel) is a real issue in my opinion- much of the book’s strength comes from Paula Hawkins’ strong knowledge of London and the boredom many commuters feel being packed onto crowded and often delayed trains.

The America setting gives the trailer a sterile vibe- there is a shot of trees in an unknown forest covered in yellow crime scene tape which offers the viewer little beyond a feeling of idle curiosity.

Luke Evans (who will always be the guy in the Hobbit films who hides dwarves in barrels of fish) has the exact combination of creepy and desperate that his character, Scott, husband of the missing Megan needs.

Despite my doubts I am looking forward to seeing the film, and hope for an invigorating and jaw dropping cinematic experience which mirrors that of the book.

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