The Manifesting Series: Review


Tristan Michie is a Dorset based writer, so it was a great pleasure to review the first two books in his Manifesting series: The Manifesting: Origins and The Manifesting: Aftermath. 

I say first two books, as the ending of Aftermath clearly points towards a continuation of this beguiling and well-crafted series. Of the two novellas Aftermath is the more enjoyable read, with its third person voice making it flow better.

That is the only real issue with Origins: although the plot is definitely more thrilling than Aftermath‘s the first person is definitely an issue, making the narrative more clunky and stilted. The paragraphing is also a problemwith colossal full page paragraphs proceeded by individual sentences set entirely on their own, leaving the reader confused and highlighting the inability of the narrative to sustain the illusion of togetherness.

Despite this the plots in both the books are thrilling and exciting, and there are some moments of literary brilliance in both texts (the simile “Like oil hanging vertically in mid air” is from now on going to be my go-to description of my drunk self).

Origins focuses on the work of GBresearch, a scientific research firm exploring the possibility of wormholes. During this work scientists stumble across a portal which has the potential to destroy the world. Depicted in a manner of fact tone which creates an exciting contrast with the disturbing events portrayed, the book explores a number of key themes including human nature, professional jealousy and the impact of alien life in a skill full and interesting way.

The second part of the series, Aftermath, is much more violent, offering a third person account of the events preceding the arrival of the aliens which took place in Origins. With the earth now in chaos, we are able to catch a glimpse of the truly horrifying reality which is now our world following the manifestation of the gates to an alien land.

Described as being “inspired by the works of Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft”, these are two fascinating and well-plotted novellas which, and with a little polishing this series and its excellent premiss could become something truly great. You can check out the author’s site HERE to find out more.

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