Inspector Morse A Literary Companion: Review


As Editor of the Official Inspector Morse Society’s bi-annunal newsletter I was given, by the society’s principal, a copy of this excellent companion. This book is a marvel: a true overview of every one of Colin Dexter’s Inspector Morse novels, categorised alphabetically with each text, character (no matter how minor; if they are named, they appear to be included), setting and literary reference noted down and explained.

For anyone who is thinking that this must have been a very sad undertaking, please refresh your bigoted brain and remember that ‘fandoms’ have become the latest trend, and that just because Inspector Morse does not fall in with the usual canon of media fawned over by the popular and the vocal (Sherlock, Pokemon, Marvel Comics etc) does not make this remarkable book any less than excellent. For those of us who are true fans of the intelligent, deftly plotted and superbly plotted novels of Dexter this compendium is a real treat: a chance to read the ideas and observations of someone like us.

Avoiding the impact of the hugely popular television series (who doesn’t love a bit of Kevin Whately?) the book instead focuses on the books, and even hardcore fans of Dexter’s works will be surprised by the depth of insight and unique observations Taylor has unearthed through his diligent and dedicated research.

Despite being clearly highly specialised, this detailed account of Inspector Morse’s adventures is the perfect read for anyone with any level of interest in the books, offering a unique take on the texts and at times offering witty insight into the books and their author. Written with passion, knowledge and a lot of love, this book is a must have for all die hard Dexter fans, and I would throughly recommend it for more casual fans too. For those who have been enthralled by the TV series this text makes an ideal bridge into the books.




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